About Us

The Center for Quality Medication Management (CQM) at the University of Florida opened its doors in March 2010 and has since flourished into a nationally-recognized MTM provider. The UF CQM excels in providing telephone-based communication services with a primary focus on medication therapy management and medication adherence services nationwide through both our Gainesville and Orlando based centers. 

Through completion of comprehensive medication reviews, we develop detailed personal medication records and medication action plans. Targeted quarterly reviews and subsequent physician and/or patient communications allow for continuation of care throughout the year.

Rotation StudentsThe center provides an advanced pharmacy practice experiential site for fourth-year student pharmacists under the supervision of UF faculty members. Students participate in a comprehensive interactive orientation where they receive in-depth training and preparation for delivering MTM services over the phone. In addition to training for providing telephonic pharmacy services, the orientation program features specialized educational sessions in aging and sensitivity awareness, suicide and crisis management, and motivational interviewing techniques. Following successful completion of orientation and training, the students contact patients to provide MTM services, including adherence calls and comprehensive medication reviews, under the direct supervision of a pharmacist.  The student pharmacist spends an average of 30 to 60 minutes on the phone with each patient. Other activities in which student participate during their eight weeks at the CQM include journal club discussions, patient case presentations, disease topic presentations, clinical skills competitions, and weekly operational meetings. Students also have the ability to complete an advanced MTM pharmacy practice experience after successful completion of the initial eight weeks, as well as conduct research in conjunction with the faculty. The highly interactive telecommunication services provide rewarding experiences to the students and offer new perspectives in modern-day patient care.

The center also provides educational opportunities through residency programs. The highly innovative practices provide for nourishment and growth of professional leadership and organizational development. Through original research at the UF College of Pharmacy, the center continues to contribute to the growing body of MTM literature which continues to evolve and redefine practice standards.