Center for Quality Medication Management

MTM CenterThe Center for Quality Medication Management (CQM) at the University of Florida, the first student-staffed MTM call center, was established in March 2010.  The center provides an experiential practice site for fourth-year student pharmacists, allowing them to perform comprehensive medication reviews via the telephone, complete patient chart quarterly reviews, and speak to patients regarding adherence issues. University of Florida College of Pharmacy faculty oversee the center's activities and, in keeping with the mission of both the University of Florida and UF's College of Pharmacy, the center is devoted to excellence in research, education, service, and the promotion of health and welfare of the lives they touch.

“The Center for Quality Medication Management (CQM) at the University of Florida is committed to quality patient interactions to enhance the patient's overall healthcare. At CQM, we have a staff of student pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacists that help patients with everything from enrolling in MTM services to medication adherence to comprehensive medication reviews and assist with transitions in care.  Our setting affords the patient with the undivided attention of a healthcare professional to ask questions and voice any concerns that may arise. We dedicate our time and attention to focus on each and every patient individually with the hopes of positively impacting their lives.“ -Teresa E. Roane, PharmD, BCACP

Mission Statement - "Optimizing the quality of medication therapy through education, research, and personalized patient-centered care."







“Everyone who called was truly interested in my health. It was very nice to talk to someone who was so dedicated to their profession, and the health of others.” (MTM participant)

“I don’t have words to tell you how helpful your service was; I have a hard time understanding things, but the pharmacist who interviewed me helped me immensely because I am taking 29 tablets a day. I am very grateful to her.” (MTM participant)